Our Programs

These programs help students develop a sense of self which will ultimately enable them to better manage their emotions, communicate, and resolve conflicts nonviolently. We offer programs in the areas of Education, Health & Fitness, and Leadership & Character Education.


The BAC for Education programs highlight these core qualities in a weighted, systematic and interdependent manner. The goal is to help young people develop into healthy contributing members of society. New and innovative concepts and collaborations will be added throughout the year.

Mad About Science: An after-school tutoring program dedicated to increasing students’ interest, knowledge, and achievement in science, mathematics and technology. The program aims to provide positive alternatives during students’ out of school hours, helping them to avoid detrimental activities.

Reading For Success™: This program specifically targets students from elementary/middle schools, teaming with community volunteers and organizations to help improve students reading skills.

Enrichment for Students in Performing Arts (E.S.I.P.A.): Prepares students in grades 4-8 in various elements of Performing Arts, leading to an actual stage performance. Students have the opportunity to work in their schools, with professionals from a local Production company.

The Be A Champion™ Program: Combines mentoring, tutoring, public speaking, and social and business etiquette, in an informal learning environment, to help students become better prepared adults. They learn that their positive efforts lead to incremental successes, that are recognized by corporate sponsored rewards and awards presented to them throughout the year.



Healthcare Informatics: Our community based health education delivery system. This grass roots approach to reaching youth and their families throughout under-served communities is an invaluable and effective method of disseminating significant health education information. OOur outreach efforts have generated a partnership with Healthy Community Initiatives; collaborative relationships with The Black Caucuses of the American Diabetes Association and American Cancer Society Santa Clara County; as well as other public Health Departments, School Districts, Faith Alliances and community based organizations that are committed to education our youth and their families on the value and benefits of practicing living a healthy lifestyle.

Be A Champion™ Basketball Camp: This bi-annual camp not only teaches youth the fundamentals of basketball, but the mental aspects of becoming a champion athlete and other life skills. The camp provides an affordable and accessible service to youth in the communities served. Through scholarships and other assistance, hope is given to all youth for an equal opportunity to attend. More info ›

Kids R F.I.T.™: This after school and weekend program focuses on improving the overall health and well being of youth by encouraging a health-centered, body wellness approach, rather than a weight-centered approach to physical activity.



Be A Champion™ Leadership Academy;: It’s not enough to simply fill students’ brains with facts. A successful education demands that their character be developed as well. This (30 hour) curriculum assists students in developing leadership skills, character building, core ethical values, accountability, defining roles, and understanding the value of being a responsible community member. These core components consist of social and emotional learning tools that prepare our youth for many of the exciting new challenges of the 21st Century.

Role Model Experience Program (RME): This program encourages educational persistence, intellectual and personal development, and a positive self-concept through direct interaction with a broad and diverse spectrum of role models and mentors. This program is dedicated to its original founder the late Ms. Michele Lowry who was an outstanding educator, and whose values and principles will live forever through RMI.

Awards & Recognition Program: Each of the organizations’ Chapters offer various corporate sponsored awards and recognition to deserving youth. In addition, each Chapter offers a supplemental (books and supplies) award annually, as part of the Community Scholarship Program (CSP), beginning with the winter semester/quarter of the 2009 school year. The value of each award is dependent on the success of the national fundraising campaign efforts. Each award provides an opportunity to positively impact the future of many worthy students.


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