Board of Directors

Lynette Hurd
Union Bank of California

Michael Ware
American Drug Stores, Inc.

Cmdr. Joshua Johnson
U.S. Navy (Retired)

Elizabeth Russell-Parker
Liz Russell Designs

Alex Ortiz
Google, Inc.

Management Team

Cheryl Givens
Executive Director

R. A. Salaam
Deputy Director

Lavetta Cross
Program Coordinator

Dean Brown
Program Coordinator

Marcellus Walton
Program Coordinator

Darryn Clanton
Program Coordinator

Hollivan Billups
Program Coordinator

Carl Vinson
Program Coordinator

Our Team

The Be A Champion Foundation has a dynamic team of individuals who understand the importance of grass root community involvement. Each team member’s daily life exemplifies, and each one upholds, the credo of Be A Champion In All You Do. This commitment, energy, and effort is extended to the youth in our inner cities, while understanding the value of helping one student and one young person, extends far beyond that individual.

Our team is responsible for providing a definite plan and procedures to ensure the fulfillment of the organization’s goal of 20 Chapters in 20 Cities in 2010, with each Chapter being an integral component of our national fundraising campaign, designed to ensure that our commitments to communities will remain, and are sustained.

We encourage YOU to join our team by becoming an e-Champion and receive our monthly newsletter and updates; Donate online; or invest in any of our campaign items from our e-Store; and YOU can make a difference today.

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