Health & Fitness Campaign

Data from a recent study by the California Department of Education show that higher student academic achievement is associated with higher physical fitness levels (CDE, December 2002). This study also provides documentation that students who meet minimum fitness levels in three or more physical fitness areas show the greatest gains in academic achievement. It is well-established that children need to be properly nourished to achieve optimal physical and cognitive development.

Our Campaign is designed to provide current health education and information on lifestyles choices, poor nutritional habits, physical inactivity, thru our primary delivery method, Healthcare Informatics, our “prescription for low literacy.”

The campaign aims is to increase literacy and promote optimal health, in order to make positive improvements in health attitudes and physical health of out youth and communities members. Our concept of addressing the goals and guidelines of the U. S. Federal Mandate, Healthy People 2010 Initiative and Healthy Communities philosophies enables us to incorporate these goals into our programs and to offer on-going workshops/seminars. In our workshops/seminars, we review the alarming statistics that emphasize the need for action to prevent:
  • childhood obesity (which is linked to a high incidence of chronic diseases)
  • hypertension
  • diabetes
  • poor dental health care
  • various cancers (oral, cervical, breast and lung)
  • STDS

We offer a wide array programs to schools, community groups and faith alliances to ultimately improve health behaviors and outcomes. We also provide evaluation modules that work with other public health groups to determine outcomes and deliverables.

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